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6 Health Benefits of Yard Work

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6 Health Benefits of Yard Work

The National Institute of Health recommends that individuals do about two and half hours a week of physical activity to reap the most physical activity benefit. But let’s face it, some weeks that is a large order to fill. Really, who has time to go to the gym that much? Lucky for you, we have the solution: yard work! You can easily spend 30 – 45 minutes out in your yard tidying up those flower beds and cutting the grass (with a push mower of course) to help reach your weekly physical activity goals.

Not only will yard work help you reach your physical activity goals but there are other health benefits of yard work for you to gain from. Here are six ways that doing yard work can benefit your health:


Yard work is great cardiovascular workout. Cardio increases your oxygen flow to your heart and reduces blood pressure and stress. It also gets your heart rate moving, just make sure you keep water on hand and stay hydrated.

Total Body Workout

Yard work involves your whole body to get in there and work which means you get a total body workout and develop strength and fitness. Additionally, your flexibility will improve from using your whole body. Who else can say they get a full body workout from not working out?

Prevents Aging

So that’s why I look like I am 20 when I am 40? The more active you are the healthy you stay. Staying active helps keep from aging and it involves critical thinking which is also a workout for your brain.

Lowers Depression

Doing yard work can lower depression because you are out in nature which helps decrease your stress hormones. Plus, you are getting natural sources of vitamin D through the sunlight which is the best antidepressant there is. Just make sure you wear sunscreen so that you prevent the risk of skin cancer.


Getting your hands dirty with the Earth is therapeutic. Being outside in the fresh air and hearing the chirping birds is relaxing and will help you decompress. Plus, you will feel accomplished after sitting back and admiring your work.


Teaching yourself to become one with your creativity and work. Also most people teach themselves to do yard work which will also give you gratification and achievement.

So what are you waiting for? Get outside and whack some weeds, plant a tree, make a garden, plant some flowers or cut some grass! Now you can skip the gym, stay at home and make your yard look great while making your body feel amazing.

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